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Captain America: The Winter Soldier Deleted Scene - Black Widow and Nick Fury →

"I thought you dead"
"I had to keep the circle small. You would’ve done the same thing"
"I know. That’s wrong…"

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download (672x378, mp4) [x]

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier behind the scenes

choreography with sebastian stan (x)

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“FRIEND FROM FOE.” In the pursuit of XAOC, Black Widow finds THE PUNISHER! And they are trapped on an abandoned oil tanker rigged to explode with CROSSBONES and his SKULL SQUAD! Don’t miss the other side of this action-packed crossover event in THE PUNISHER #9!
Preview: Black Widow #9, on sale 8/6/14.

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But Guardians was so good though. I'm still not over the references they made concerning celestials, the gems, in humans, and more.

Guardians was AWESOME. I can’t believe how good it was. So many references, so much action, it was incredibly good!! I loved it